About Africa Deployments Employer of Record

Africa Employer of Record (EOR) / Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Africa Deployments (ADS) is an Africa Employer of Record (EOR) / Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service provider that supports companies operating in Africa with outsourced employment, HR and payroll solutions to deploy their staff or hire new staff across the continent quickly by providing the client with support in-country, even if they don’t have a legal entity in the country of operations.

ADS can support your operations in over 48 African Countries to deliver a quick and compliant Employer of Record solutions, hiring your personnel in-country on your behalf but with you the client having full management control.  ADS works with a large number of NGO’s & Development Agencies from around the globe in addition to working with the private sector.

We offer cost effective tailored solutions for your small, medium and large projects on the African continent.

Africa Employer of Record (EOR)


Africa Deployments (ADS) has gained a specialist reputation for being the number one Employer of Record solutions provider across Africa.

Having come from a Human Resources background, the Director’s came across the need for Employer of Record solutions (outsourced employment) & Payroll to be provided across the Africa region for our clients that did not have a registered entity in those specific countries and out of this Africa Deployments was born.

Today with the vision and value add we provide to our clients across Africa, our Team of Consultants are committed to providing them with the service they deserve and cost effective solutions to help them grow their business activities in Africa.

With over 15 years of experience operating in the region, we understand the great emphasis that companies put on their human capital needs while maintaining the overall business integrity and growth.

We partner with our client’s by offering a quick solution to their employment needs in Africa and providing full compliance on a monthly basis.


·      Algeria
·      Angola
·      Benin
·      Botswana
·      Burkina Faso
·      Burundi
·      Cameroon
·      Chad
·      Congo (DRC)
·      Congo (ROC)
·      Djibouti
·      Egypt
·      Equatorial Guinea
·      Ethiopia
·      Gabon
·      Gambia
·      Ghana
·      Guinea
·      Guinea-Bissau
·      Ivory Coast
·      Kenya
·      Lesotho
·      Liberia
·      Madagascar
·      Malawi
·      Mali
·      Mauritius
·      Morocco
·      Mozambique
·      Namibia
·      Niger
·      Nigeria
·      Rwanda
·      Senegal
·      Seychelles
·      Sierra Leone
·      South Africa
·      South Sudan
·      Sudan
·      Swaziland
·      Tanzania
·      Togo
·      Tunisia
·      Uganda
·      Zambia
·      Zimbabwe


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