African Currency & Forex “Risk Mitigation”2021-06-08T09:36:38+04:00

African Currency & Forex “Risk Mitigation”

Did you know you could be throwing away 10% to 20% between your currency FX conversion on a monthly basis through your current channels without even knowing it and to add to this there are additional fees made up of swift charges?

Forex risk” is something that a lot of companies operating in Africa seem to overlook within their business operations.

Africa Deployments is well versed to manage the “forex risk” by providing accurate reporting on exchange and access to over 30 African currencies and payment in over 46 African Countries.  To add to this there are no additional fees on the money you pay monthly.

Our solutions are fully compliant and ADS adhere’s to strict Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism policies and Global Fiscal regulations.

Speak to one of our Consultants if you are looking to pay your staff locally, manage expense claims or mass payments across Africa through one of our forex payment solutions?