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Africa Employer of Record (EOR) – Local & Expatriates

Africa Deployments are your partners in the Africa region giving you access to Africa Employer of Record (EOR) solutions so that you can expand your business operations in Africa in the most cost effective way.  Having ADS as your Africa Employer of Record (EOR) provider gives you access to over 46 African Countries and the most cost effective payroll solutions on the continent.

In today’s challenging environment of doing business, many companies are opting to outsource tasks to companies that specialize in various work functions such as Human Resources, Payroll and Outsourced Employment, not to save money but to be more “efficient” across their business operations and focus on what matters most.

Opening a new business entity in Africa requires a lot of time, thousands of dollars and not to mention the hassle of maintaining that business entity along with personnel in-country. This often puts a lot of strain on the resources throughout the various departments within your business.

You as the client may only need to employ a handful of people in-country or perhaps you may also want to “test” a new market without having to register a new entity before committing thousands of dollars in investment?

This is where Africa Deployments can assist you in hiring your personnel on your behalf in a matter of a few hours, taking the stress and hassle of having to deploy staff in a new territory.

As the employer of record (EOR) we assume responsibility and liability for employment issues such as administration, payroll, taxes, benefits, and maintaining employee records. An Employer of record’s (EOR) functions are like that of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and in most cases, fulfill similar roles.

Africa Deployments offer this service to local and expatriate skilled workforce across the African territory. As the employer of record, we provide temporary and fixed term employment while managing the monthly payroll ensuring compliance in the country of operation.

Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants for a tailor-made Employer of Record solution for your project if you are considering outsourcing your employment OR requiring additional work permit quotas OR do not have a registered entity in the country of operations.