Tailored Service Solutions

Africa Employer of Record (EOR) & Payroll Specialists

Work Permit Solutions for Expatriates


    Africa Deployments offers immigration solutions whereby we will obtain the work permit under our umbrella for your Expatriate staff.  This solution is extremely effective for companies’ deploying staff or new hires onto projects in Africa. We will ensure that the process is compliant, smooth and hassle free.

    As the Africa Employer of Record (EOR), holding the work permit, it is our responsibility to ensure that the administration, payroll, taxes, benefits, employee records and monthly payroll are compliant in the country of employment.

    Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants should you need a solution in Africa, especially if you do not have a registered entity in the Country of operation OR looking for additional work permit quotas.

    Employer of Record (EOR) –  Locals & Expatriates

    As the Africa Employer of Record (EOR) we assume responsibility and liability for employment issues such as administration, payroll, taxes, benefits, and maintaining employee records.

    ​Africa Deployments offer this service to local and expatriate skilled workforce across the African territory. As the employer of record, we provide temporary and fixed term employment while managing the monthly payroll ensuring compliance in the country of operation.

    ​Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants for a tailor-made solution for your project if you are considering outsourcing your employment OR requiring additional work permit quotas OR do not have a registered entity in the country of operations.

     Independent Contractor Outsourcing

    Africa Deployments will setup a contract directly and pay the Independent Contractor to the Contractors Bank of choice in any Country or Currency.

    Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants if you are looking to separate yourself from liability from an Independent Contractor and they assume all responsibility for their own Taxes in their home Country.

    Africa Payroll Solutions

    Africa Deployments offers payroll outsourcing to clients’ operations in Africa.

    ​ADS will ensure that monthly calculations and deductions have been accounted for to ensure that you are compliant in Africa. We use a cloud based system whereby Employer & Employee’s can logon to access records accordingly. We can also manage the payroll and pay your contractors monthly.

    ​Speak to one of Payroll Consultants if you are looking for compliancy or if you would like to outsource this function from your HR department.

    Offshore Payments Expatriates & Bank account setup

    Africa Deployments offer foreign payments to expatriates needing to be paid offshore or in their country of residence to a bank account of their choice and in any currency.

    ADS also assists contractors in setting up local and offshore banks accounts.

    Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants if you need to pay multiple expatriate staff working offshore.

    Medical Insurance, Pension & Life Cover

    Africa Deployments works with International insurance companies offering tailored medical insurance & repatriation, pension and life cover solutions for local nationals and expatriates working in Africa.

    ​ADS also has Professional Indemnity (PI) and Public Liability (PL) insurances for all contractors.

    Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants should you require further information.

    In-Country Support & HR Services

    Africa Deployments offers In-Country support for expatriates entering into the country of assignment. We can arrange meet & greet, transport, short & long term accommodation as well as basic office setup if required.

    ​We have In-Country Human Resources support for local & expatriates contractors. We keep up to date on local legislation as well as offer clients support with their day to day needs.

    Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants should you require further information.

     Executive Recruitment & Headhunting

    Africa Deployments offers Executive Recruitment & Headhunting via our company Copper Quail Ltd.

    Copper Quail is an African Recruitment Specialist with over 15 years of experience operating across Africa. We focus on placing skilled African Nationals & Expatriates on assignment throughout the African continent specializing in Executive Recruitment & Headhunting. We have specialist divisions that focus on the following sectors; Finance, Banking & Insurance, Mining, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Engineering & Construction, FMCG & Manufacturing, NGO & Agriculture.

    We pride ourselves on the ability to headhunt and network with skilled professionals in and around Africa. We are also able to support Francophone & Lusophone countries. We offer cost effective tailored solutions for your small, medium and large projects on the African continent.

    ​Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants should you require further information.

    Tax Advisory Services

    Africa Deployments offers Tax Advisory Services through our local partners across the African continent.​

    Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants should you require further information on tax advisory.

    Full Turn-Key Solutions

    Africa Deployments can tailor make solutions according to our clients needs.​

    We offer tailor made turn-key solutions and can activate contractors within 48hrs.

    ​Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants should you require further information.