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 Independent Contractor Outsourcing

Many companies take on the services of Independent Contractors / Consultants who will be responsible for their own taxes in their home country.

Companies usually need to separate at arm’s length the responsibility of employment for services rendered on short & long term projects where they use consultants. It is of course the company’s responsibility to ensure the payment of taxes in the country of operation should they meet the required days to be considered a tax resident. In some cases where contractors do not meet the required days in the country of operation to be considered a tax resident, we would also facilitate this payment. All Independent Contractors must issue a timesheet along with their invoice for services.

Africa Deployments will setup an independent contract directly and pay the Independent Contractor to the bank of choice in any country or currency.

Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants if you are looking to separate yourself from liability from an Independent Contractor and they assume all responsibility for their own Taxes in their home Country.