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Work Permit Solutions for Expatriates

Whether you are looking for additional work permits on your project site or do not have a registered entity in-country, Africa Deployments (ADS) can assist you in the process and employ your expatriates under our umbrella giving your expats the right to work in the country of operations.

Immigration can be a nightmare to deal with and can also become extremely complicated. With our team on the ground, we will deal with the local authorities in-country and ensure that all paperwork has been submitted correctly. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee work permit applications as the local authorities have the final say but therefore it is important to have a company that knows what they are doing to ensure all documentation has been submitted correctly.

Africa Deployments will hold the work permit via our in-country partner for the expatriate who is then under our employ. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that the administration, payroll, taxes, benefits, employee records and monthly payroll are compliant in-country.

Speak to one of our Payroll Consultants should you need a solution in Africa, especially if you do not have a registered entity in the Country of operation OR looking for additional work permit quotas.